Sunday, November 29, 2009

WORK clothes, makeup, hair, etc.. HELP!!?

i am starting my job as a receptionist for a high class beauty salon in a few days. where should i shop for nice work clothes? (yes it is high class but it is also semi-casual. very warm, welcoming and fresh) i was thinking club monaco, banana republic and j.crew, but what other stores would be good for buying clothes??

also: how should i do my makeup?? they have very nice makeup there, so should i buy makeup from there and use it? and what do you suggest? how would i do a 'fresh face?'

ONE last question: how should i style my hair? i want it to be, again, FRESH %26amp; clean cut. but i dont want to chop off my hair!! any cute styles you know of that are kinda easy? products??


WORK clothes, makeup, hair, etc.. HELP!!?

Damn, that must be one high-paying receptionist job if you can afford to shop at Club Monaco.

I would suggest that you spend more of your budget on the waist up, because that is what will be visible to your customers most of the time. (In other words, buy a cheaper pair of jeans or slacks and spend the extra on a better quality jacket or top). I'd also give some thought to ease of care -- you will be working in an environment where people are walking around with chemicals, dyes, shampoos, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if you are expected to help keep the salon tidy when you're not busy. Get stuff that is washable (not stuff that has to be dry-cleaned after one wearing).

As for your hair -- leave it for now, and get to know the stylists! I'm sure they will have great ideas for you. If they have apprentices, you might even get the cut for free. Good luck and congrats on the new job.

WORK clothes, makeup, hair, etc.. HELP!!?

For make-up, you should by make-up there, as it will be good quiality %26amp;%26amp; they might give you a discount. also, you would be modelling it for them as everyone who goes there would be speaking to you. You could ask the salon, or go on youtube for natural make-up tips as they have alot.

For hair, just a nice, natural layered look is all you need and if you wanted you could straighten it.

WORK clothes, makeup, hair, etc.. HELP!!?

wow, you dying!!! how about simple eye makeup with green liner and brown and gold shadow. You can have lip liner along with the lipstick or skip both and wear lip gloss. You can always try a side part, it makes you look different. For clothes you can try to wear big earrings with your hair pulled back. Or get side swept bangs.

WORK clothes, makeup, hair, etc.. HELP!!?

another great store is The Limited and even Target has gotten alot cuter clothes. The way you style your hair depends on your age. Curling your hair is always really cute. For the first day do your makeup how you normally do it and maybe ask the other girls at the salon any tips they have because they've been working there longer.


WORK clothes, makeup, hair, etc.. HELP!!?

The stores you mentioned should be good options. I recommend doing your hair and makeup simple but cute for the first few days until you get a feel for what your coworkers do. For great hair and makeup demos, check out

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