Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

I'm looking for some recomendations for some cute, flattering clothes and hair styles for me.(and maybe even makeup ideas if you can)

I'm 5'1", 90 lbs, with no chest

My hair is medium longish-brown, thick, curly(but not a ton of curls or those perfect corkscew curls), and frizzy

I like abercrombie, american eagle, juicy couture, so-lows, hardtail and things similar to that

Any ideas?

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

Have you thought about calling a Beauticontrol consultant? There is a questionnaire they offer that will be able to help you find the best clothing, hairstyle, glasses, and accessories for your body shape and style personality.

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

hair-- (mine is similar) i usually only shampoo once a week to cut down on frizz, i put conditioner in it afterwards and don't rinse it (just about a quarter sized though) then i put scrunching gell in it. it helps

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

We have almost identical appearances! Except I'm 3 inches taller and 5 pounds heavier. People like us look really good in tight, fitted pants and skirts (like Hardtails, So-Lows, tight jeans, etc...) and looser tops. I definitely reccommend Lucky Brand Jeans.

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

oh you are so petite!

you can pull of pretty much anything you want. but be exciting!

only thing to be careful of is cropped trousers or jeans. they will make you look stumpy!

You should have your hair professionally straightened. you know that permanent kind. but dont cut it. cos hair always looks nicer long. especially on shorted ladies like us. you should have it framed around your face though cos you dont want it to look like your drowning in your hair!

but you are lucky (like me) to have no chest. it means you can wear any top you want (within reason) and where you arent showing off cleavage - you dont look like a slut! wah hey!

i think you should try get some of those corsette jeans. you know the ones with the high waist. then you could wear any top you want with it.


Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

go online and and check beauty tips.

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?


Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

Well because you are a "flat chested" try wearing stuff that will accent your lower half like tight pants or really cute faded ripped jeans that will go with your brown hair you can get those at abercrombie, american eagle, and the other places you named. so lows are perfect for you try and find a sleeveless hoodie from juicy thats loose so it will make you look larger and because you are so small it will accent your thin frame. hope you find what ur looking for!

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?


The USMC, BDU's,

buzzcut, .......and dirt.

Lots of dirt. Wet dirt.

Chest takes exercise.

Face painting is OK.

We'll call you a 'killer'.

Good Clothes and Hair Styles for Me?

cute tight pants from abercrombie, and half button up tight shirt with about 5 buttons undone, and layer your hair and flip it out! very cute

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