Thursday, November 26, 2009

Should i tip when getting hair extensions out?

i spent over $1000 on hair extensions that were NO better than when my hair is naturally long. i mean i always wanted hair extensions but damn! i regret it because it was not worth it. i use to always have long hair past breast n chopped it a lil shorter than shoulder lengeth. i have a good job so i make good money and always wanted extensions so yah went to where my sister gets her hair(not extensions) done. i spend over $400 for the hair alone and the time was about the same price another $400!i tipped i think about $60 which she should be happy with anyways. the hair length was NO LONGER than my old hair and the thickness was no better. i have naturally thin hair. the color was great and i felt cute havin this hair for a few weeks. red faded QUICK but got that done for free from manager but gave $20 tip. then last month had manager untangles the tangles n put a few more it. that was another $150 + $30 tip. now im getting em out and its at the price $50/hour. had em put in aug.

Should i tip when getting hair extensions out?

what's the questions?

clip in hair extensions are way better than the glue/braided ones!


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