Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mousse for wavy hair?

My friend's hair looks so cute when she has waves in it. She said she uses a mousse and then scrunches it and blowdrys it. THe problem is i take showers at night. Is there are mousse that i could use on dry hair? and my hair is naturally kinda straight. would that matter? What mousse do you recommend?

Mousse for wavy hair?

I use Sauve it is cheap and it works. You can still do it at night, I do that all the time and it is still scrunched in the morning, if you are a person who moves your hair alot at night when you are in bed it might not be so wavy in the morning.

Good Luck

Mousse for wavy hair?

shock waves curling one, i use it all the time

Mousse for wavy hair?


1.what you do is start by brushing ur hair really good

2. Next, put curls in ur hair with curling iron

3. gently break up the curls to create awesome waves

4. Use paul Mitchell sculpting foam and put a small mound in ur hand now rub it through starting at the roots of ur hair

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