Thursday, November 26, 2009

Prom Hair ?

Does anyone know a site i can visit that shows great pictures of unique, yet cute prom hair styles? Thanx !

Prom Hair ?


A great web site that gives step-by-step instructions on great up-do's for prom is!

It's a great web site that teens are using to make their prom very special and the best it can be!

Hope this helps :)

Prom Hair ? she has some great updos

Prom Hair ?

personal opinion ... if you're a guy ... leave it normal . ...

if you're a girl ... no matter what you do ... dont have it all up like super saiyans ...

yet dont leave it all down ...

cause the face needs some shading to make it look nice ...

and depending on the amount of shading you could look fatter or skinnier ...

ask a professional camera man for tips on shadows ...

just dont put it all up ... doesnt really look that good ...

Prom Hair ?

I went to prom a couple times in high school and anything that is simple will look gorgeous and does not cost a whole bunch.

I did an up-do with curls and it was pretty but at the end of the night I would have been just as happy with simple curled hair.

Pick up some fashion magazines. It's prom season all the time in those! good luck

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