Thursday, November 26, 2009

Side bangs and long hair?

I have long gorgeous hair and cute side bangs. What kind of styles do you think would go along with it? I am tired of all the hairstyles I have been doing. So what are your opinions?


What kind of accessories? Clips, headbands?

I just want casual hair ideas. Like for going out to parties, school, the mall, the movies.

Thanks you all! : )

Side bangs and long hair?

yup...yup....i have side bangs and long hair and it look soooooo cute.

and as of accessories....

headbands......bobby pins...and bra straps.

im actually wearing a bra strap on my hair right now.

o yah nd right now my hair is scrunched and in a bun wit a bra strap if u email me....i can send u pix.

Side bangs and long hair?

First put a headband in your hair then put it in a ponytail. I just saw this on that new show style train. You should watch it and get ideas.

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