Thursday, November 26, 2009

Awesome hair cut ideas??? =]?

I'm really bored of my hair and im planning on getting it cut soon, but i really need cute haircut ideas!

-my hair is long and i want it to stay somewhat long

-it gets greasy really easy

-and its really thin

-naturally straight

i kinda want a style thats not going to take a long time to style everyday.

please help!


Awesome hair cut ideas??? =]?

go to and pic put a hairstyle from there... if you find a few that you like, put them up in a question on here and get votes for which ones other people like best... thats what I did!!!

Awesome hair cut ideas??? =]?

I have the same hair as you. Try getting long side bangs. The longer your hair is, the longer you want ur side bangs. To style, all you need is a blow dryer and a flat brush comb.

Blow dry your hair to fluff it and then then brush your hair over. It will give ur hair more volume.

Awesome hair cut ideas??? =]?

You should cut your hair to about shoulder length. That way you will get fuller hair, so it would appear less thin. but for the greasyness i would just say get a good shampoo. good luck!

Awesome hair cut ideas??? =]?

Maybe you can get some side bangs with choppy layers to make you hair appear thicker and tell you hairdresser to keep it the same length.

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