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How often should I flat iron my hair?

I'm tired of my hair being so bushy, %26amp; people tell me that the bushy look looks too old-fashioned %26amp; that when I wear my hair in a ponytail, they tell me I look like a boy, since the "guys" took over the ponytail style. I figured I'd look cute %26amp; more feminine with my hair being straightened.

I can't get relaxers because I have seborrheah.

Is it too much harm to flat iron it twice a week? I know some people who do it every day, but I'm not gonna go that far.

How often should I flat iron my hair?

Once a week at the most! If you're going to use it twice a week, make sure you apply some type of heat protectant such as a cream, oil, serum, or silicone spray before you flat iron.

How often should I flat iron my hair?

every other day

How often should I flat iron my hair?

get friz cointrol and get heat protection. that will minimize the damage... i straighten mine everyday

How often should I flat iron my hair?

everyday is fine if you have a good straightener and if you use shampoos and oils that protect your hair. I've been using a straightener everyday for almost two years and my hair is fine.

How often should I flat iron my hair?

once a week i used to do it every day and in a month it started breaking but i saved it! try a chi they are kinda expensive but they last for a really long time try ulta or sally's

How often should I flat iron my hair?

hey, my cuz has this flat iron %26amp; she lets me do it on saterdays and it stays straight the entire week!!!! do it once or twice a week

How often should I flat iron my hair?

I think that twice a week would be ok, but less would be better. If you are really desperate, you can get your hair permanantly straightened, so you do not have to damage your hair so much.

My personal advice:

Ask your stylist about a few hairstyles that would fit your hair type. Ask for ones that would look good, but allow you to keep your hair. You should embrace your natural hair type, not try to conform. Hair should be what makes you different, not what makes you the same.

How often should I flat iron my hair?

as long as you use a heat protectant, you can straighten your hair everyday with little damage.

chi and tresse brands make excellent ones... 13 and 10 dollars, respectivly.

How often should I flat iron my hair?

i have to same problem. My hair is brushy and I get some black and sassy grease and flat iron really good and wrap it with a silk scarf at night. It turn out great!!

How often should I flat iron my hair?

I'd have to say maybe every other day as well. The good thing with straight hair is that the day you iron it, you can wear it down, and then next, you can style it all different ways: braids, pony tails, ect. I wash my hair every other day, but bathe my body every day... and if your hair tends to look oily that second day, try putting your brush under running water and add some volume with a blow dryer.

hope this helps!

How often should I flat iron my hair?

I've heard that you should only flat iron your hair 3 or 4 times a week. Don't use the highest setting on it either. Also, use some product on your hair that helps with the heat. You can flat iron your hair one day, and then not wash it for 2 days or so (my aunt does this and her hair looks just fine). This will help your hair and save time! If your hair is naturally very oily, this might not work, but give it a try!

How often should I flat iron my hair?

Flat ironing your hair every day could really damage it which could lead to breakage. When ever u decide that u want to flat iron it which should really be only once or twice a week u should use a heat protector spray , which really works. Other then that u should just try to sleep with a scarf on so your hair won't get frizzy

How often should I flat iron my hair?

its definately okay to flat iron it twice and even 3 times a week. its just up to you to keep your hair healthy!

with your hair being thick/bushy like you described, the perfect solution to getting your hair to be smoother and silkier/less damaged is to get a haircut/trim every 6-8 weeks. it will cut off all the dead and split ends without taking off too much of your length.

you'll need to get regular trims to make up for the flat ironing.

and you should definately ask your stylist to teach you how to blow dry your hair straight when you get it cut. it works just as well as flat ironing and doesn't give you 50% of the damage!

it will turn out a little frizzier, but smoothing and anti-frizz products will immediately fix that.

ALWAYS put product onto your hair before flat ironing it or blow drying it to reduce breakage and split ends. (some sort of anti frizz product will work)

if you blow dry , blow dry from the roots down, it will turn out a lot straighter! and a "round brush" works veryyyyyyy well also.

when you wear a ponytail, to avoid the "boy look" part your hair to the side *if it isn't already* and put your ponytail in a low , SIDE pony. it will look a lot more sophisticated and girly.


good luck%26lt;3

How often should I flat iron my hair?


I straighten my hair every second day or so.

Basically if you chose to straighten your hair you should go and buy a few key ingredients to help make your hair glossy, soft and easier to handle.

Okay so,

Firstly, you will need a good quality ceramic plated hair straightener.

Moisturizing hair product. You should brush this through your hair while its wet, just after you have washed and conditioned it. this will ensure that the hair keeps natural oils and moisture in.

Then you should buy shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair.

You can buy all these from the supermarket bar the straightener which you can buy from an electrical goods store or anywhere like that.

If you have bushy hair (I do too) you should just take extra care with it, try not to wash it every day and brush it often also try to dry it naturally as often as you can.

Good luck with you hair!!!

Blow 'em all away.

How often should I flat iron my hair?

Okay, first of all the people who said that are crazy.. girls who wear their hair in ponytails dont look boyish... boys who wear ponytails are weird. If you wanna wear your hair up do it.

Second of all, you cant just flat iron your hair once a week, it might stay straight for a day or two if you dont wash it... but umm you will prolly needa flatten it every day that you want to wear it down. PLEASE WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY!

lol.. %26amp; you can use products that will keep it from damaging so bad.. ceramic flat irons dont do as much damage as other ones so get those kind too. :)

How often should I flat iron my hair?

Wash it every other night with a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Dove Advanced Care Therapy shampoo and conditioner. rinse your hair in cold water right before you get out of the shower to add shine and smooth your hair. After you get out, use a little bit of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Smooth Shine Anti Frizz Cream. Let your hair air dry to about 80 % and then blow dry it. In the morning, straighten your hair with a good ceramic flat iron in small pieces at a time and when you are done use a little bit of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Healing Shine Serum.

Don't brush or comb your hair while it's wet, it just gets very frizzy and damaged and NEVER straighten it when it's wet.

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