Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cute hairdo(s)??

ok i am possibly going to the movies tomorrow, if not then a pizza place with an arcade (aka mr.gattis) so i was wondering what would look really cute for my hair? i have brown shoulder length hair, with layers and side bangs coming down to the bottom of my lips. so what would look really cute, and have the guy i like be liek "wow, she looks great"

(both places have a guy i like so help!) and i'm not doing it juust to impress him, i just havent seen one group of friends in a super long time. and with my other group of friends, i just wanna look great, cuz according to them "i always look good" so help!

Cute hairdo(s)??

You could scrunch it:

Scrunching is really cute :]

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