Sunday, November 29, 2009

If i wanted to dye my hair what color?

im going to a hair stylist to get my hair highlighted i have brown curly hair what highlights would look cute also if u need a better idea of my hair look at my other question am i pretty also u can answer that one to! also would it be possible to get 1 pink streak? also how long will the highlights last? thx!

If i wanted to dye my hair what color?

If you want really nice natural highlights, pick the highlight color that is one to two tones close to your base. Any further than that, it won't look natural anymore. This is good for low maintenance kind of person...someone who like to go to the salon a couple times a year. So even if you miss a salon visit, these highlights will still look natural than really faked washed out ones. If you pick highlights that are like red or burgandy, you'll have to visit the salon like one or twice a month to get them touched up if you want to keep the highlights that color.

To get a pink streak, it is possible if there is a really strong dye on dark hair color. But most likely, if they don't have the dye, they will just dye your the part blonde first and then dye it to pink. And they don't last long! In a couple weeks, it will just turn to a really pale pink..if not blonde.

Highlights lasts long depending how good you take care of them. Use certain shampoos and conditionders that are specially made for dyed hair so that it protects and seal in the color.

If i wanted to dye my hair what color?

no the pink streak is tacky.

If i wanted to dye my hair what color?

blond highlights would look cute and trying ur hair straighten might be cute too.

If i wanted to dye my hair what color?

It is possible to get just one pink streak because I have a friend who did. I usually get my highlights done every 6 months. Since it is summer, I would do light brown and carmel highlights.

If i wanted to dye my hair what color?

hey u have a very nice face specially without that glasses and braces

well...u have brown curly hair just like me,hmm...i will prefer BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS or STREAKS it will look better on u!!

trust me!!

blonde is good together with brown

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