Sunday, November 29, 2009

How do you use hair rollers?

is your hair suppose to be wet or dry um....usualy when curl my hair its not cute are you suppose to use some kind of spary also i know how clueless i sound please help me

How do you use hair rollers?

it doesnt matter if it is wet or dry. if you do it wet, then it will take a long time to dry. since its all wrapped up. after you take the rollers out put in some harispary.

How do you use hair rollers?

I use the hot hair rollers that you heat up first before putting in your hair and clipping them.

I blow dry my hair out. It works better that way. Then I spray a leave in conditioner that protects my hair from the heat..just a light spray with thermasilk. I roll up my hair and clip it in. I'll have already dressed so I go to put on my make up while my hair sets. After about 10 min. I unroll my hair out, making sure I don't tug the rolls out because that will destroy the curl and use a light hold hair spray all over. I shake out my hair and scrunch it up with my fingers and viola! volume and waves.

If you use a light hair spray it won't make your hair feel like hard plastic.

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