Thursday, November 26, 2009

What hair care products are available for toddlers?

My daughter is 16 months old and has curly blonde hair. The curls are cute on the sides and top, but the back of her hair is frizzy. I try to put a little water in her hair in the mornings to get the back curly again, but when it dries it is still frizzy. Are there hair products that are safe for toddlers? Any gels? (Oh, and baby lotion makes her hair greasy.) Thanks for any suggestions!

What hair care products are available for toddlers?

my daughter was born with a ton of hair, and soon it was really curly. when she was tiny it looked like one of those clown know the fuzzy curly ones. now she's 3 and its almost to her butt, and sometimes the curls curl into eachother and it is the biggest mess to brush, even after just sleeping at night. i use no more tangles but have been looking for a good leave-in. i'm gonna try the one the first answerer said...i'll try anything once and i'd like to leave her hair down more instead of braiding it all the time.

What hair care products are available for toddlers?

I use the Paul Mitchell Detangeling/Leave in Conditioner Spray for kids.

My daughter has the curliest hair you have ever seen and it got knotted so badly, that I was forced to go and get something.

The first thing I tried was the Paul Mitchell and it worked beautifully, also it lasts forever, I bought a bottle last year and I still have over half a bottle left.

I apply it to her wet hair after it has been washed and them comb it before I blow dry the hair.

She hasn't cried while I do her hair since I bought this spray.

What hair care products are available for toddlers?

I put Lusters Pink Hair Lotion in my son's hair. It's not greasy and keeps his hair moisturized. Its for african americans but my friends daughter is caucasian and it works for her so give it a try.

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