Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hairstyles for straight hair?

I hate my hair being curly or wavy,so istraighten it. what are some cute hairstyles for straightened hair? my hair is long.

Hairstyles for straight hair?

put up your bangs or if you dont have bangs ten just take the front section of your hair and pin it back then let your waves fall loose it looks gorgeous or you can straighten and put up in a high pony it is so cute

or you can get side swept bangs or something they look nice with straight hair

or you can get layered hair it is popularr too i guess

but i really think curly wavy hair is gorgeous i wish i had waves in my hair im jelous! haha

i hope this helped! i am having hair dilemmas myself haha

Hairstyles for straight hair?

taped and layered with bangs!

its what i have... and looks SUPER cutee!!

Hairstyles for straight hair?


a poof at the top.

uhmm idk this isnt waht you wanna hear but you should probably wear your hair natural somtimes.. straightening it kills it. :/

Hairstyles for straight hair?

Try doing the style in ur avatar, it looks tottaly cute!

Another is french braid ur hair

Put it up in a pony tail then crimp or braid the hair in the pony tail to make it crimped looking

i cant think of any more

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