Thursday, November 26, 2009

Need hair advice.....?

I just had my haircut yesterday It is long with long layers and sideswept bangs that are just past my right eye. I have long, thick, dirty blond hair that is naturally wavy-curly, but I straighten it. I have an oval face. Every day I wear it down, straightened, exactly the same. I need some new ways to do my hair. I have Babyliss hot rollers, a Chi straightener, a blow dryer with a diffuser, various clips and brushes. Any ideas of a cute way to do my hair would be great. I have a hard time putting it up in a cute messy bun or anything. I also want to know how to curl my hair, or make my natural wavy-curly hair look good.

Need hair advice.....?

ok first grab hair from ur hair line that is just abouve ur eyes. the even it out. pull it back and flatten it aginst the top of ur head and stick a clip through it. once u get used to it is fast and easy!

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