Thursday, November 26, 2009

About hair?

I have dark black hair and want to highlight it but not sure about the color. i want it to show up on my hair and look cute.

please go to and find a color that will look good, and cute. what color would look good on dark black here? and is it true the blonde one will look orange? and what shampoo can i use to always keep the color looking new? and everytime i was my hair it smells funny. i use good smelling shampoo %26amp; conditoner but it always stinks. what should i use? and what is good for very dry, frizzy hair? and i have some dandruff thats very itchy what is good to use? thanks

About hair?

have brown highlights

About hair?

Well, I do know what's great for frizzy dry hair. Sunsilk De Friz- shampoo, conditioner, and 24/7 cream (the green one). And maybe try some brown highlights (ask a stylist). Hope I helped!!!!

About hair?

medium brown or red highlights

About hair?

Okay here we go...

1. Anything will look good with dark black, it's like black pants - neutral. Your skin tone is the issue, you need to find something that will complement your skin and eye color.

2. If the dark black is hair color - yes, it can turn orange, yellow, fire engine red, and it probably will if you put bleach on it. It will need to be done a few times with a low volume peroxide. Either that or you need to purchase a tint remover of sorts (I recommend Rusk - Elimin8), I aso recommend leacing a hardcore correctlive color like that to the pros. Better to drop some cash then have your hair break off.

3. Redken makes a great line of shampoos, conditioners and treatments for dandruff prone hair and scalp. Nioxxin will also help with dry scalp conditions.

4. If you do blone, a great way to keep the blonde fresh and new is a shampoo with a violet tint - sounds crazy but it's true. the violet cancells out any brassyness (or yellowing) the blonde will go through and keep it light. If you choose some other color you can buy shampoos with just about any tint to them to help keep the color longer - red, orange, blue, just look at the base color of the shade you choose and there's your tint.

5. Dry frizzy hair - again Redken has some great Anti-Frizz shots that you can buy at Ulta or another such beauty supply store, It costs some money but it will last though up to 30 washes. If you want they can even do it in the salon for $10.

6. The reason your hair stinks after you color is the ammonia in the hair color. There is no way to avoid that useing box color, and many pro line colors use ammonia as well so, it's going to stink. Goldwell is the least stinky hair color I've worked with personally, but you would have to have a pro do that in a Goldwell salon.

I know that was long but I hope it helped : )

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