Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cute Haircuts??

OK so i am thinkin about getting a cute haircut(to make my Ex jealous,lol) i have blond hair, an oval face and my hair barely touches my shoulders. can you think of any haircuts that look cute but will still keep my hair long enough to put it in a ponytail?

Cute Haircuts??

i wanted the same thing :]

so i found this picture of nicole richie and i fell in love with her hair!!

my hair dresser cut my hair very similar to it.

i think that its so cute!! and it still fits back in my pony tail.

my hair is a lot thicker than nicoles but it still looks good.

good luck.

Cute Haircuts??

Get layers and side swept bangs so you can flat iron it.

But, it will still be long enough for a ponytail.

Cute Haircuts??

get it layered...and get a face frame..that always works for me....and it looks really cute...but why do u have to make ur ex's over...he's probally not coming back...not trying to be mean..but try to make other boys look at you and think ur cute

hope this helps

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