Sunday, November 29, 2009

Curly hair styling tips?

I have reallyreallyreally curly brown hair. It is about shoulder length with layers. I need some styling tips. Especially cute ways to wear it down. Are there any accesories that look cute in dark brown hair? Thanxx!

Curly hair styling tips?

Try any of the Curls Up products from FX Special Effects. You can get them at Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. You'll love them!

Curly hair styling tips?

i have the same hair as you. i scrunch it and bobbypin my bangs back.

but likke you, I am tired

of wearing my hair the same and

I need something else to do with it.

Straightening it takess wayy too much time.

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Curly hair styling tips?

Headbands are really cute, you might want to straighten it too!

Curly hair styling tips?

Silver tone hair accessories.

Curly hair styling tips?

mine the same, but i dye it red. ummm. if you have bangs then straighten them, then I put like a small part of the top in a small poof. then blow dry my hair curly... I think its cute. maybe it'll work for you.

Curly hair styling tips?

i have SUUUUPPPERDUUUPER curly dark brown hair too.

first, you probably wanna grow out your layers...

you can take a little hair from behind your ears on each side, twist them loosely, and clip them toether on top, with a sparkly clip or a glittery barette. glitter looks good.

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