Sunday, November 29, 2009

Curly hair ideas for a date tomorrow?

Please dont say the "poof" or "ponytail", i want a cute let-down hair style. Ive also tried the wide hair bands, but the dont look right on me for some reason? i dont have bangs.

Curly hair ideas for a date tomorrow?

take your bangs and pin them under the hair that falls......

Curly hair ideas for a date tomorrow?

hmm ive curly hair :D nd at a wedin recently i got a side fringe a big one so it wont frizz nd straighnted thar nd scrunched dried the rest so it was really curly .. everyone sed it was lovely . but you mightned have a side firnge

nohter thiing

leave it dry naturaly nd take random 5 or 6 stripes nd really curl them like dif then de rest nd mouse ta hold it in place nd give it a bounce lol

Curly hair ideas for a date tomorrow?

After the shower towel dry your hair then put a curling mousse all throughout your hair (i use got 2b kinky - curl defining mousse). Then scrunch your hair, flip upside down and clip your hair onto the top of your head with a giant clip. leave there for about 10-15 min. then let down flip it, then do it again, repeat the process until hair dries. (takes about 1 hour for my long thick hair) When dry shake your head and style the way you want to. takes a while but the outcome is sooo cute.

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