Thursday, November 26, 2009

Haircuts for long hair??

i know the layered hair with side-swept bangs is really in right now, and that's what my hair is kind of like, but i'm getting a haircut soon and i was hoping to find something NEW and DIFFERENT.

but i still want it to look really cute, obviously.

[my hair is about four inches past my shoulders and extremely thick.]

thanks for any ideas!!

pictures would be great :]

Haircuts for long hair??

Haircuts for long hair??

frilly in the front and peach it up a bit

Haircuts for long hair??

well, i don't have time to add pics but go to google and search pics for the hairstyles for the following celebs:

1. jessica simpson

2. eva longoria

or just look up long, sexy hairstyles.

p.s.- - hairstyles - long

hope that helps


Haircuts for long hair??

Bobs are really in, but there dozens of different "bobbed" looks, and ellipitical haircuts are part of that (longer on one side of the face than the other).....Have your hair cut above your shoulders and texturized (that's for volume and movement)...look at some of the new hairstyle magazines; choose a look or two and take it to a GOOD hairstylists who attends hair shows once or twice a year to get the newest looks!!

Haircuts for long hair??

keep the layers but cut about 2 inches off

and if you have bangs use them to do a poof

a poof is where you pull your bangs back then push it up and it creates a poof

or get a short cut with layers and u can have those really cute little pigtails or ponytails

g00d luck

hoped i helped


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