Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to do your hair like this?

puting it up in bobby pins so its curly in the moring? how do you do it? any tips suggestions? a girl did it on mona lisa smile, (julia styles charecter) and her hair was so cute during the movie. any help please!

How to do your hair like this?

the usual way to do it.. omg i need pics to show you.

you open the bobby pin, place a strand of hair in the middle. place it at the root and work your way up, wrap your hair around each side of the bobby pin, like the figure 8 you'll wrap your hair around the pin till there's no more room, then use an other bobby pin to hold it down the middle,... it's easier to do it when your hair is dry, and use a straightned to press of your hair to keep the shape, then gently take the middle pin out. it's not complexe but impossible to explain... but I've tried it and it want stay in your hair long enought to dry, it'll fall off if you sleep on it or let it go for to long...

How to do your hair like this?

it was a movie. it was probably styled different than the roller pins looked to portray

How to do your hair like this?

ooo it's kind of hard to do on yourself divide your hair into about one inch sections, placing the part wherever you choose...ok it's a lot to explain check out the website. If I'm understanding what you mean this is what to do.

How to do your hair like this?

My mom used to curl her hair that way every night. After she showered she would twirl pieces of her hair then make like a ring with it up against her head and bobby pin it, and in the morning it would be all curly.............

How to do your hair like this?

yeah that's how my mom used to do it.

its called pin curls.

take freshly washed (damp) hair and separate them into one inch sections. take a section and twist it as tightly as you possibly can, the secure it with a bobby pin. do this with the rest of you sections. its sort of hard to do so i would ask someone to help you.

then put a shower cap or a bandanna on your head and go to sleep.

in the morning spray it with some hairspray then blow dry to finish it off. Take out the pins.

curls baby!


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