Thursday, November 26, 2009

Easy hair styles for thick long hair.?

I have super thick, long, semi wavy, dark brown hair. I have never really been one to do much with my hair, strictly out of laziness and being self conscious. But now I want to do some cute things to my hair. I always either leave it down or up in a ponytail. I'm tired of doing the same old thing. I want something that looks pretty but isnt complicated or very time consuming. I'm not very style savy so I have trouble deciding and doing my own hair. PLZ HELP! Im willing to take cut ideas, dye ideas, anything new, but plz give me a few instructions for styles. THX!!

Easy hair styles for thick long hair.?

I have super thick hair too, and normally after I wash and blow dry it I flat iron it out with ceramic flat irons [they work wonders!] It's much easier to style it that way. Be sure to put oil sheen or some type of oil in it b4 and after blow drying. [don't make it greasy tho] I also have a cinnamon red color in my hair. It's not too bright but in the sun it's sooo pretty. If you want to try a cut, I recommend getting layers. They are fun and extra cute when you curl your hair. [get a professional to do it] You dont always have to keep your hair down or in a pony tail... maybe pull the top hair back and have the back down. or if you do have it in a pony tail give your self a bang to the side. you can also search the net for diff. hair styles. HAVE FUN!

Easy hair styles for thick long hair.?

get it thinned, get a deep conditioning treament [it takes some frizz away] and get some highlights! my hair is somewhat silky near my roots but gets fizzy at the ends so i just scrunch my hair half-way down. its easy and manageable.

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