Sunday, June 20, 2010

Should I cut my hair tonight?

So I have long, dark hair with some kinda thicker bangs (think cute and trendy).

My hair has been long my whole life and I dont wanna cut a ton of length off but I am just so bored with my hair right now. I for sure dont wanna dye it because it is my natural color (which took awhile to grow out since its so long) and its very pretty that color.

I happened to catch a rerun of "Biggest Loser" last night when they were doing makeovers and this guy cut one of the woman's hair like Edward Scissors hands just everywhere and when he was done it was all poofy and choppy. I desperately need some volume so I liked the way it looked.

I dunno. I took cosmetology so I cut my own hair with professional shears so thats taken care of. Blah.

Anyone have any ideas of what to do? Any cosmetologists have any new, cute, and trendy ideas I could work with?

Pictures with links would help too!


Should I cut my hair tonight?

no Don't! wait until tomorrow to make sure you aren't doing it on impluse. You might wake up tomorrow and wonder what on earth you were thinking of. So many people cut their hair on impluse and regret it the next day. Give yourself a few days at least to think about it. Trust me, I have done this over and over and regretted it (sometimes).

Should I cut my hair tonight?

io have the same problem

Should I cut my hair tonight?

ummm cut sure y not i mean what could it hurt.

try this one

Should I cut my hair tonight?

A change would be it for the new year. I had long hair for quite a while (5 years) and a few days ago I cut my hair neck-wise. It looks cute. I needed to cut my hair because I was losing hair too much and I have fine hair...needed more volume. So yep, I would do it, it always grows back, right??

Should I cut my hair tonight?

I have no pictures, but when you have very long hair and you decide you are bored and start cutting the next day you may feel great regret. I would start this process in stages. First, for volume you could layer the hair above your ears. Live with that and try different styles for a week, if this isn't enough keep cutting, but like I said, do it gradually.

I once had a fight with my boss, quit my job, went home and cut off like 2' of hair. I was very sorry the next day. Not about the boss/job thing, she was Wrong and I ended up with a nice raise and she begged me to come back.

Men love long silky hair. Consider this.

Should I cut my hair tonight?


Should I cut my hair tonight?

well go to the beaauty salon and tell them how short or long you want your hair to be ........................................... but hey it your hair so you decide

good luck

Should I cut my hair tonight?

No,I think you should think about it some more and make sure you really want to do it ,that way there will be no major regrets later on.

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