Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help styling my hair...?

ok i dyed my hair and cut it i wanna change up my hair style a lil bit but scared wat it will look like can u help me because i normallly just starighten it or put my bangs off to the side so tell me wat i could do to make it cute PICS WOULD BE GREAT..

i'm not gonna dye it no more or cut it i just had it cut and i love it but i need help with styling it and i have really thin hair si its kinda hard to style so yah i wud love pics of styles that u think wud be cute and i wanna tease my hair some how but not sure how to tease it....

heres how i want to kinda style it but i don't kno how can u help me


i like how her hair is but don't wanna cut mine how could i do this style????

Help styling my hair...?

Wow, you have nice hair btw. ;] Well you should tease the top layers of your hair. And to do this, you'll be needing a fine toothed comb and some hairspray. First you get some hair at the top and spray the roots. Then, use your fine toothed comb and brushed the hairs downward towards your scalp vertically. So your hair has to be all the way up. Then you just do this all around the crown of your head. Then, you comb down all the knots and tangles that you made until it looks like the girl in the picture.

E mail me if you need help. I hope this works out for you. ;]

Help styling my hair...?

With your current cut, you could tease it up and use lots of hairspray to get that style. To learn how to tease your hair, go to this website, http://www.hairboutique.com/tips/tip1000... The key is to use a lot of product.

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