Sunday, June 20, 2010

I need some hair tips..?

i want some cute like skater hair styles like this one it dosent matter the color but i want a awesome hair style i could use all the help i can get thanks!

I need some hair tips..?

ok for your color i would say do random highlights. maybe make them a little chunky. and with your haircut if you want one. do something shorter and funkier. like asymmetrical or something. play around with your hair. see what really works best for you! and pictures are great. take styles from all different pictures. create something different.

I need some hair tips..?

i would love to help, but since i don't know your hair color, faceshape, generally what you look like, i can't help you change it.

if you want to know what you should do, email me later with a picture of yourself or someone that looks very closely like you.

i SWEAR i'm not a creepy stalker person.

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