Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bored With Streight Hair.?

Ummm...Im open to any Ideas that are cute for shoulder length hair. Layered. I wear my hair streight a lot and its kindof boring....any ideas? Thanks!!

Bored With Streight Hair.?

i might can't curl your hair but i can curl your toes

Bored With Streight Hair.?

You can pin the bangs back and make a low ponytail to the side and curl it.

Bored With Streight Hair.?

A french braid is pretty. Fish tailed braids are great too.

And putting curls in hair with a large barrel curling iron will look great.

Bored With Streight Hair.?

yeah, the straight look is loosing flair. Try putting some hot rollers on the ends or your hair for body. Another, buy some cute hair clips and pin back sctons of your air. Or, hairbands are coming back: )

Bored With Streight Hair.?

same here...............but my hair is a little longer but what i like to do is when your hair is damp blowdry ur hair and a cutie curle at the bottom when form

Bored With Streight Hair.?

You can perm it (curly look), cut it into shorter layers (texturized look), cut it into a bob..... color it

Bored With Streight Hair.?

You can curl it. Of if u want you can dye it red or black. Or maybe you can just dye the tips of your hair.

Bored With Streight Hair.?

try a messy bun!

they're great 4 the summer, cuz the hair won't stick 2 ur neck in the heat.

u could also try a headband braid. its a french braid (about 1 in thick) that goes from one side of your head 2 the other. the tail of it is tucked behind your ear %26amp; the rest of the hair is usu. crimped or curled

Bored With Streight Hair.?

wow. if i had straight hair i would never be bored with it.

Bored With Streight Hair.?

buy those soft curlers and sleep in them. it is soooo easy and you save so much time in the morning. you just take them out and only brush the top of your hair otherwise you brush right through the curls. then use hairspray, not mousse. ive found that a great brand of hairspray is matrix hairspray. and for looser, messier curls, you separate each curl in two. it is a more casual, less shirley temple look.

then for waves, sleep in braids. (the number depending on how wavy you want your hair. i would probably recommend about eight or so) then you just take them out in the morning and just brush the top of your hair. you can use hairspray, but i usually dont need it, but then again, my hair holds waves really well......

and if you shower in the morning, scrunch your hair with mousse and it looks pretty good but might get a little frizzy.

and to get a curled, more voluminous ponytail, here is what you do. just put your hair up in a ponytail before bed, then put anywhere from 1-3 curlers in it (depending on how much hair you have and how thick it is and how big you want your curls) then when you wake up, roll them right out, and re-tie your ponytail holder and brush the top of your head, without brushing down the curls. you can put hairspray in if you want, but you might not even need to for just a ponytail.

and as for just regular hairstyles, i would try sidebangs or whispy bangs instead of thick ones......dont know ....

you can also do buns, because they are pretty in, or low pigtails, but you might be a little old for them, but my sister in college looks cute in them so i dont know.....

and side ponytails are cute and sporty.

as for hairbands, very cute and in!!!

u could wear your hair half-up, leaving your bangs down.....

good luck!! hope i helped!!!

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