Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A cute hairstyle?

I have curly hair and I am always stumped on how to do my hair. I need some cute hairstyles for school and maybe some cute ways to get my hair cut. Please help me! I would also love pictures! Thank you so much. Oh and my hair is long too.

A cute hairstyle?

I got this site from one of my previous questions about hair and I love it. The hairstyles are unique and edgy, but somehow incredibly sexy! Seriously look at them!


BTW, could you please answer this question? Thanks.


A cute hairstyle?

do a half head or a 1/3 head. Take the top half of your hair and brush as if to make a ponytail. tie it. put the bottom half over the front of your shoulders. Pull out your bangs if you have some and straighten it. done!

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