Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A 3 barrel waver for your hair?

i jus got a 3 barrel waver from bed head and i wanted to ask how do u use it?? how do u make ur hair look cute with it?

A 3 barrel waver for your hair?

love it. i couldnt do my hair without it. right after i curl my hair i look like a poodle. so i take my mousse and dab

it (about quarter size) in my palm. i rub my hands together and than smooth it over the top of my hair. (dont run fingers through hair). it calms it down right away and holds the curl for the rest of the night. it is the best curling iron ever!!


A 3 barrel waver for your hair?


I was curious to see if both of you have the Bed Head waver? I have the wigo. I was wondering if the Bed Head was better? Report It

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