Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair style ?

ok i am having a difficult time with my hair. i have brown hair and it is wavy. i usally keep my hair down....know some cute styles?

Hair style ?

yea, you could jsut strighten it and or wear it or try a style like amada bynes or jamie lyn spear, just look them up on goold and pick something that fits your face shape

Hair style ?

braids are cute with some pieces in the front falling out

Hair style ?

try a curly pony-tail. that would look cute.

Hair style ?

try to staighten it. then you could do a couple of things:

leave it out

braid { with wavy }

2 braid { with wavy}



side ponytail { also could do with wavy}

thats all i have. be creative.

good luck!!

Hair style ?

Bald seems to be in

Hair style ?

try pinning it up

Hair style ?

u can braid it, or use a flat iron, if its get annoying, you can flatten it, and eventually you think of something to do, its trail and error

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