Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black hair..?

Soo I dyed my hair. Its cute. But Im tired of people calling me emo and gothic. Im not! Really..

Does anyone know how to get the black outta my hair. I cant try the "color oops" stuff.. it doesnt work. And I dont really wanna bleach it or use proxicide. Unless thats what I gotta do. Any hints?!?!

Im a natural blonde. I wanna go back.

Black hair..?

You shouldn't care what people call you if you think your hair looks cute!

But if you still want to go back to your natural color, it is a long and arduous process.

Bleach is the only remedy for permanent black hair. Unless you want your hair to be dead and break off, you should only bleach it once every couple weeks.

Color oops will not work, neither will color stripper.

When using bleach to go from black to blond, your hair will turn any where from brown to orangish to yellow depending on how long you leave it in, it will also make your scalp burn a bit. Avoid getting it on your skin, it will really dry you out.

After bleaching your hair to a light enough shade, I recommend buying a hair dye color that will match your natural color, then just wait for your hair to grow back!

I know, it sucks...I did the same thing!

Black hair..?

ummmmmmmmmmmm ................... just w8 till it drys out

Black hair..?

maybe dye it again, just ur natural color

Black hair..?

dye it again( your natural color)

Black hair..?

You're going to have to either bleach it out or wait for it to grow out. You can not just put dye over black hair and expect to be blonde.

Black hair..?

having black hair does not make you emo or goth, if their making fun of you then their making fun of us asians. to remove black hair you must go to a salon and ask them to color it back blonde. it will cost a few dollars but not that much a minimum of 10$ to 30$

Black hair..?

blakc doesnt coeme out

trust i tried lol

if you really wnat to get the black out you will have to bleach it

but it shouldnt matter what people think

if it looks cute and youlike it than keep it black =]

Black hair..?

you can buy a hair dye removal kit. it doesent remove your natural color, just the dye.

you can get it at walmart or target, or anywhere that sells hair dye.

Black hair..?

Other than what you've already mentioned, you are stuck until it grows out. Once you go all the way to black, there is no coloring over it, it doesn't work.

But if you like it, screw what anyone else says!

Black hair..?

well if you dye your hair black it will be hard for you to get your natural colour back

but you can let it grow out naturally. You won't meet many other people with blond roots!!! Also It will look interesting as it grows longer too. If you want to keep it short just keep trimming until it's all grown out.

You could bleach some strands at the front but be careful incase it turns green. On the other hand %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; it depends how brave you want to be. If you want to go back to all blond quickly I would advise going to a hair dresser

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