Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Braid my hair?

Our neighbor whose like a grandma to me. She braids my hair really cute and nice.

Yesterday, I told her, I was coming to her house in the afternoon and she said, Okay. So, today, I went there this afternoon and she wasn't there.

She came back like 2 hours later. She told me to come back in the morning. And I like to do my homework and study in the morning.

Should I just leave that lady alone?

Braid my hair?

Maybe she had things to do. I highly doubt she was trying to avoid you. According to you, you never gave her a specific time to when you were going to be there. Things come up. Just make a quick stop in the morning to say hello. It might be in your (and her) best interest to schedule specific times just so neither one of you are inconveniencing the other.

Braid my hair?

i would have just told her that i could cause i had plans and wouldve asked her if she could in the afternoon. and ifyou guys are really that close i dont think she can get annoyed to easily

Braid my hair?

I wonder if you ever return the favor. Nobody likes to be used or taken advantage of.

Braid my hair?

i mean u can't get mad which u r jus cause she can't do things to ur convienience if u want ur hair done go get it done by her if not then don't go get ova urself not to be harsh but jus be truthful

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