Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cute hairstyles plz!?

I'm going to a wedding in 2 weeks and would like a cute hairstyle. I have medium length, strait hair. What are some cute hairstyles that I could do? If possible could you provide pictures? Thanks!

Cute hairstyles plz!?

curl it! If you're not planning to cut, curl it or add a little wave to it. It dresses your usual hairstyle without doing any drastic changes. if you have bangs, you can pull it back and add a little height to it when you do so. That's what i did recently in a wedding and got a lot of good feedback :)

Another is to do the versace hair...you know, pull back hair and tie it like a ponytail but you have a pouf at front. it's neat and it's classy :)

Or!!! I'd suggest this...http://images.askmen.com/galleries/actre...

Cute hairstyles plz!?

do you want to cut it, or just style it? You can always flip it out, with some hair left out around your face. If you want to cut it, then get some layers and flip it out with side sweepy bangs with an angle around your face

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