Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ok need some help hair!?

I have medium brown hair natrally wavy. I streighten it but it never stays all day. I was looking for some ways to style my hair cute. I either have it in a pony tail or down. I dont have a clue on how to fix it! Any websites to teach how to fix hair? Latest trends?

Ok need some help hair!?

I have the same type of hair. What i would do is switch it up between straight and curly. that's what i do and it makes your hair from looking boring.

so to straighten it i usually take a shower right after school is over and i let it air dry while i'm doin my homework(if you blow dry, it gets too much heat and damages your hair. if you absolutely must blow dry your hair, put it on cold air.) Then once your hair is dry you put some heat protection spray or gel on your hair, separate it into sections and straighten it( i have a CHI. they're pricey but amazing! they actually work and last for a long time. and your hair stays straight for 2 days without re-straightening it. it gets up to 400 degrees farenheight and so it will work on ringlet curly hair(my sister's hair is like that and she straightens it and it looks amazing and stays straight all day) Then go to bed. when you get up, just brush your hair and re-straighten the top parts or any parts that need it.

To curl it, take a shower in the morning and put Garnier Fructise Curl Control mousse in your hair. scrunch it and let it air dry while you go to school. It makes my wavy hair ringlet curly and it looks natural(but only if you dont use too much).

For the wavy hair, never ever put it into a messy ponytail. I think it looks bad. i would maybe put it in a half ponytail or with a headband or put it back with a clip or 2. If your hair looks bad, just put it in a side ponytail. it looks good with the waves.

Well I hope this helped and this is what i do everyday and my hair is never frizzy at all. i get compliments on my hair all the time. And whenever i think i'm having a bad hair day, i just put it in pig tails and straighten part of it or put it in a side pony tail and they still compliment me on it. so ya good luck!

Ok need some help hair!?

search on the web for what kind of style goes with your face shape.

Ok need some help hair!?

Curl your hair

I use a bigger barrel (1.5 in.) for more body

My hair is like yours but darker

Ok need some help hair!?

you should leave it go. but take some hair in the front and clip it back with a little clip.

u should also high light it for fall

Ok need some help hair!?

Scrunch it! It will play up your wavy hair, stay all day, and it will look like you spent forever making your hair wavy, even though it takes about 2min. Just use a little scrunch spray and some gel/hairwax

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